Curious about how to store your lego?

We review the best storage bins for legos.

Recreating monuments and building scenes from popular movies like Star Wars are just a few of the thousands of ways that people express themselves with LEGOs.

However, each new set of LEGOs can easily add hundreds of new bricks to your collection.

As fun as it’s to build great designs from small bricks, it’s also easy to end up with more LEGOs than you planned.

For parents, LEGOs are a cause of constant mess, if there’s no room to store them properly.

If you’re a LEGO enthusiast (or one of their parents) looking to take control of your diverse and ever-growing collection, here are the 10 best storage bins for LEGOs.

1. LEGO Storage Bricks 

For those looking for a creative way to store their LEGOs, the LEGO Storage Bricks are a fun option! 

Not only did LEGO design them to model giant LEGO bricks, but they also come in different colors and sizes.

They look like lifesize versions of LEGOs!

You can find them in a size as small as one knob to as big as eight knobs.

If you want to have even more fun with them, you can find versions of these bricks as LEGO heads.

The best part about these storage bricks is the fact that they’re stackable.

You can also build them on top of each other to help save space.

If you want to get even more creative with them, you can build the bricks to look like decoration.

Another reason to love these storage bricks is that they also come in 15 colors.

If you want, you can choose colors to fit the theme of the room you want to store them in!

Especially if the LEGOs are going to be stored in a child’s room, having the LEGO Storage Bricks to hold them in is a fun and creative decision.

For at least one of the sizes available, there is a color that will right in a child’s bedroom.

While the colors available vary across sizes, you’re likely to find at least one color your child will enjoy.

If you want, you can also use the color of the storage bricks to help you organize your LEGOs.

In that way you’ll always know where to find the color you need. 

Pros & Benefits:
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • Stackable to save space or create a fun piece of decoration
  • Option to organize LEGOs by color


2. LifeSmart USA Stackable Storage Container

This is our top pick for the best storage bins for legos. While not officially made by LEGO, unlike the LEGO Storage Bricks, LifeSmart has created the ultimate storage bin for organizing.

With six stackable rows, you can use the LifeSmart Storage Container to organize your LEGOs by both color and size.

If you’re someone looking for more space for their LEGOs, LifeSmart has also designed their compartments to be adjustable.

For example, keeping an entire row for green bricks with two studs, you can remove all of that row’s dividers.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to customize your LifeSmart Storage Container! 

The best feature of this container is that it answers what every LEGO enthusiast needs from a storage bin.

It saves space!

While holding six rows worth of LEGOs, you can store the LifeSmart Storage Container anywhere in your home.

Whether you store it in your closet, bedroom, or even your living room, you won’t even notice the massive collection of LEGOs sitting organized in the corner.

Have someone in mind that could use a LifeSmart Storage Container?

It also comes with sticky letters so you can stick on the future owner’s name.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Stackable rows with adjustable dividers within compartments for a customizable storage container
  • Designed specifically to hold toys such as LEGOs in each of its compartments
  • A lightweight model that is also strong enough to hold six rows of LEGOs
  • Comes in three sizes (3 Tier, 5 Tier, and 6 Tier) for you to choose your best fitamazon-button

3. 3-Drawer Storage Rack

When children are wanting to pull out LEGOs to play with, regular storage bins can be difficult for the kids to access.

For those who want their kids to easily access their LEGOs and don’t mind using their storage as decoration, the 3-Drawer Storage Rack is a perfect fit.

With the storage bins designed as drawers, LEGO builders of any size will have no trouble diving in for the bricks they need.

Of course, these drawers come in three different colors (red, green, and blue).

This can help you organize your LEGOs by color or any other method you’d like to use.

What helps this rack stand out is the fact that it’s customizable.

Each bin has a clip that can easily be decorated with LEGOs.

The clip can be decorated to help you identify what is inside which drawer, or you can decorate it for fun!

However, the best feature about this rack is the fact that the top of the rack is a building station.

Kids can build to their heart’s content right on top of the 3-Drawer Storage Rack.

This makes it more convenient for them to work nearby the bricks they want to use.

Having the building plate on top of the rack also makes clean-up easy.

Kids can easily return each brick where it belongs after they’re done playing.

With the 3-Drawer Storage Rack, every LEGO brick has a home.

The rack’s design helps to make sure every LEGO brick makes it back where it belongs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Color-coded drawers to promote organizing LEGOs by color
  • Customizable front clips for easy identification
  • Baseplate on top of the rack can be used as a building stationamazon-button

4. Brick Nation Storage Container

This container has been advertised as the “The Toy Box for Neat Freaks.”

The Brick Nation Storage Container be used for a wide range of household items from Barbies to the topic of this article: LEGOs.

What makes this container so special is the sheer size of it.

With this storage container being long enough for eight compartments, it can hold a healthy amount of LEGOs.

It has customizable dividers, so you can have fewer compartments if you’d like.

However many dividers you decide to use, each compartment will hold their weight of the LEGOs without spilling over.

Another great thing about this container is that its style makes it flexible in terms of storage placement.

Having a lot of LEGOs to store can take up a lot of space.

Especially that it’s easy it’s to collect them.

That’s why this container is so helpful.

Since it’s a flat design, the Brick Nation Storage Container can fit under beds and save space for everyone.

This is an especially great feature for those who don’t like having small toys out in the open.

However, it can work if you wanted to store your toys in this container and leave out in an open room.

The container has a sleek gray design that will keep it from standing out and drawing too much attention.

For that reason, it will fit right in as decoration in any living room.

While the Brick Nation Storage Container is not color-coded, LEGO enthusiasts can still use it to organize their pieces by color.

With eight compartments to fill up, there is enough room for the most common colors to get their own space.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Adjustable dividers for a maximum of eight compartments
  • Stylish design allows for it to fit in with the decoration in any room
  • Can easily be hidden under the bedamazon-button

5. Bins & Things Stackable Toys Organizer Storage Case

While Bins & Things does not have as much storage as LifeSmart, its compact size makes it a great carrying case.

Kids can carry their LEGOs anywhere with this lightweight case.

It also has 18 compartments to use, which is still a lot of room for different LEGO bricks.

The compartment themselves are not color-coded, but can still be used to separate LEGO bricks by color.

This case also has detachable rows to make playtime even easier.

Kids can detach the rows to play and easily sort the bricks into the compartments when they’re finished.

Then, kids can stack up the rows when they’re done for it to become a compact carrying case once more.

They can take the Bins & Things Case wherever they would like to build LEGOs on next.

With compact cases meant for travel, worrying about damage to the case is a reasonable concern.

That’s why the Bins & Things case was made to be durable with safe plastic that will not shatter when it’s dropped.

As kids can easily trip and fall, this is a great way to make sure that no one gets hurt while handling the case.

The manufacturers of Bins & Things has also designed this case to have a sliding lock system.

This will ensure that all pieces stay in place without any of the compartments falling apart.

Pros & Benefits: 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for children when traveling
  • Detachable rows for easy playtime on-the-go
  • Shatterproof material to ensure it’s safe for kidsamazon-button

6. Zilpoo 4-Pack Toy Organizer Bins with Lids

For those with a huge LEGO collection, the Zilpoo 4-Pack Toy Organizer Bins are a great choice.

With size options for 10-Quart, 15-Quart, and 20-Quart, you’re sure to find the right size to fit your LEGOs.

They also come in four colors (green, red, blue, and yellow), making it easy to separate your bricks by color.

While there are more colors available in LEGOs than there are with these bins, you could still group similar colors to make the most out of each bin’s space.

These bins are also stackable, which is perfect for closets, garages, basements, attics, or any other kind of storage unit.

For kids who love to play with LEGOs, these bins are perfect for them as well.

The lids are easy to open, making it a simple task for kids to operate when deciding to play or when it’s time to clean up.

Designers made the bins with a good, quality material that allows them to hold piles of LEGOs.

Additionally, the bins are sturdy and stays intact no matter the weight of the mass of LEGOs inside.

These Zilpoo bins also come with a clear lid to easily see what’s inside.

This saves everyone time and energy so no one has to separate the bins just to see which bricks they contain.

A great feature that comes with purchasing these bins is that the manufacturer offers free returns.

Therefore, if you have some issue with the bins, you can return the bins for free with a full refund.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Comes in four colors to help organize LEGO bricks
  • Comes in three different sizes (10-Quart, 15-Quart, 20-Quart)
  • Has a clear lid to easily view contents inside
  • If you don’t like the product, you can return the product for freeamazon-button

7. LEGO Education Blue Storage Bins

These LEGO Education Storage Bins are perfect if you’re a LEGO enthusiast with a larger-than-average collection of LEGO bricks that continues to grow.

In this pack, you get six bins that are 12 x 16.5 x 10 inches each.

While they’re not color-coded for those who like to organize their bricks by color, they do have transparent lids.

With clear lids like these, you can easily see if a bin has what you need, which is especially needed if you’re in the middle of a LEGO building project.

Since these bins have transparent lids, you can still organize your LEGOs by colors.

It would just require looking through the lid to make sure you have the right bin, rather than checking the color of the bin.

Even so, the act of looking through the bins instead of taking them down to open and check is still a great time saver.

The LEGO Education Storage Bins are also stackable.

This is great for saving space in garages or wherever you prefer to store your LEGO collection.

Wherever you’d like to store these bins, they and, possibly their contents, may get dusty or dirty in some way.

That’s why these storage bins have this great feature where there are drainage holes built into the bottom of the bins.

This means you can rinse off all the LEGOs in the bins at the same time, and any water will leak out through the drainage holes at the bottom. 

Pros & Benefits:
  • Great for LEGO enthusiasts with a vast, growing collection of LEGO bricks
  • Has a transparent lid that allows you to see internal contents
  • Drainage holes that allow easy washing of internal contentsamazon-button

8. LEGO Iconic Sorting Box

Moving away from the large storage bins for growing collections, let’s move on to storage bins that are travel-size.

For families on-the-go that need a way to keep their children entertained but also a place to store LEGOs where there won’t be a mess, the ICONIC Sorting Box is a great option.

With different design options, you will surely find one that can make you and your child are happy.

Prices vary between $11.88 and $18.98 within the six available options, which means it’s affordable as well.

The LEGO Iconic Sorting Box has a customizable clip to help users identify what kind of LEGOs are inside.

This a great feature, especially if you’re someone who would want more than one travel-size container for your different types of LEGO bricks.

If you only plan on having one travel case, you can still decorate the clip for fun!

If you do decide to order multiple containers, you’ll find that they’re easily stackable for storage purposes (whether that be at home or when traveling).

It’s hard to beat a travel-size storage case!

You can organize your bricks in the compartments inside.

The 12 compartments let you organize by color, size, or any other method you’d like.

When going on trips, messes can occur and dirty your LEGO traveling cases.

To help solve this problem, the LEGO Iconic Sorting Box is made with safe plastic that is easy to clean with towels, cloths, or any other method of your choosing. 

Pros & Benefits:
  • Is affordable and comes in different designs
  • Can organize LEGOs by color inside its compartments
  • Made of safe plastic that is easy to cleanamazon-button

9. ModFamily My Brick Case Portable Storage Box

Another travel-size storage option for LEGOs would be the ModFamily My Brick Case.

This is lightweight so kids can carry this on-the-go.

However, the best feature of this product has to be what’s inside.

The ModFamily My Brick Case is textured within its walls to make the inside a functional building platform for LEGOs.

With the inside of this case designed to be building plate for LEGOs, children (or anyone who wants to use it) will be able to keep their creative building within the constraints of the case.

Therefore, it will limit the mess that would normally happen without a case like this one.

It’s easy to make a mess with LEGOs when taking on new building projects.

If you’re just experimenting with different designs, this case was made to help prevent that from happening.

When on-the-go, LEGO enthusiasts may have to stop in the middle of building something to make it to their next destination.

The dilemma is that they may not want to take apart their creation (finished or finished).

They may want to continue building their creation throughout the trip.

Thankfully the ModFamily My Brick Case allows for this option.

With this case, all you have to do is pack up the creation into the box, close it, and then open it again when you’re ready to continue.

If you purchase the ModFamily My Brick Case, you realize soon just how easy it can be to travel with LEGOs and build with them anywhere.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Lightweight and easy for travel
  • Has an inside made to function as building plates
  • Pack away creations for your next destinationamazon-button

10. Matty’s Toy Stop Brik-Kase 2-GO

Our last option is another travel-size bin that is a combination of the last two options.

First of all, it has 14 compartments that you can use to sort your LEGOs however you like (by size, color, or both).

This is great for LEGO enthusiasts who are on-the-go, yet want to use as many colors and styles as possible for when they get a chance to create a new design.

To add on to this feature, the Matty’s Toy Stop Brick-Kase 2-GO can also hold over 1500 pieces.

This is more than plenty to keep children occupied when traveling.

Unlike number nine on our list, this case does not have building platforms built on the inside.

However, the Matty’s Toy Stop Brick-Kase 2-GO does have a building plate built on top.

This is perfect because while it makes this case handy in any stationary area, it’s also great to use in the car.

You can take out whatever whichever bricks you need, leave the rest inside (reducing the possible mess), set the case on your lap, and then start building right there.

It’s the perfect way to keep kids happy and distracted while traveling.
Pros & Benefits:
  • Has 14 compartments for organization purposes
  • Can hold over 1500 pieces
  • Has a building plate on top for easy use on-the-goamazon-button

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the best storage bins for legos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old because LEGOs are always a lot of fun!

The only downside to them is the mess that comes along when building a new set.

Thankfully, having a mess of LEGOs everywhere does not have to happen every time you want to get creative with your colorful bricks.

With storage options, you can save yourself the mess and keep everything organized!

When it comes to storing your LEGOs, there are lots of different available options to choose from.

Whether you’re someone who wants to focus on sorting, storing large quantities, or storing for travel, there is something on this list for you.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you might find the articles below equally interesting.

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