We look at the latest small narrow bathroom ideas for you.

Small apartments certainly have their merits.

They can be cozy, intimate, affordable, and just what you need for your lifestyle.

On the other hand, small apartments often mean small bathrooms.

Anyone who’s lived in a small apartment with a small bathroom can attest to the fact that decorating can be difficult when space is limited.

This is doubly difficult when trying to give your bathroom a signature style.

Any piece of furniture or decoration that can open up spaces, optimize storage, or add personality should be considered for your tiny bathroom.

So without further ado, here is our curated list of 10 bathroom decor items for small apartments.

And don’t worry, all of these decor ideas are DIY-friendly.

1. Trendy Vanity Mirror 

Why do hallways get all the fun with decorative mirrors?

There are plenty of uniquely designed mirrors out there to suit any style.

So why not put one in your bathroom to replace that sad, frameless mirror that’s been hanging there for at least half a century?

This gold, metallic, framed mirror has a unique asymmetrical circle design to add subtle intrigue to the room.

Its style is so simple and versatile that it can be worked into any number of room designs: art deco, Hollywood glam, boho, mid-century modern, retro, you name it!

Being made of wrought iron, this mirror is sure to be durable and stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, the gold paint will ensure that it also stands the test of humidity.

Any circular shape will give a room the illusion of being slightly larger than it really is.

This mirror is no different, and will open up your small bathroom.

Coming in at 35.5 inches in diameter, this mirror will offer you a great view of yourself.

Its simple but glamorous style will compliment its medium-large size, making it look appropriate in a small space.

For all the DIYers out there, this mirror comes ready to hang.

The perfect part is that if you ever get bored with this mirror’s style, you can easily switch it out for any other decorative, ready-to-hang mirror in your hallway.

Gone are the days of oversize, frameless, rectangular mirrors being glued to bathroom walls!

Out with the old inconvenience and in with the new glam.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The circular shape opens up small spaces.
  • The unique design adds a touch of personality.
  • It can suit any number of different styles.
  • It comes ready-to-hang for easy set-up.
  • At 35.5 inches in diameter, this mirror will give you a great view.


2. Bamboo Bath Mat 

Now is time ditch those musty bath mats that constantly need to be washed and replaced, for a more spa-like experience.

This bamboo bath mat has a simple design and will add a touch of freshness to your bathroom.

Aside from the aesthetic of this bath mat, there are a bunch of practical features that will have you never wanting to revert back to fabric bath mats.

This bamboo mat is eco-friendly.

It’s made of natural bamboo, which is a quickly renewable wood source.

In addition, it’s anti-slip, sliver-free, and water resistant.

So there’s no need to worry about anything getting rough or musty.

Since the top of the mat is made up of slats of bamboo, there is fantastic ventilation which allows it to dry quickly.

Cleaning is easier too.

Instead of having to run this mat through the washer and dryer, all you have to do is wipe it down in the shower and lean it against the tub to dry.

This is just about as low maintenance as it gets!

The versatility of this mat makes it a practical staple for any home.

And when you’re not using it?

Simply stand it upright beside the tub to keep it out of the way.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at a spa in their own home?

Pros & Benefits: 
  • Simple, fresh design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti-slip
  • Sliver free
  • Water resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Easy to storeamazon-button

3. Stick-on Wallpaper Design 

In the past, people have tended to avoid cute wallpaper due to the hassle.

You had to hire someone with excellent precision to paste the paper to the wall.

Then if you ever wanted to remove it, you would be spending days manually scraping glue and paper off your walls.

The good news is that we’ve come really far since then.

This cute wallpaper is perfect small bathrooms.

The light tones work to open up the room while the cute design adds intrigue.

If you look at the wallpaper long enough, the design starts to look like abstract rain drops!

The vertical design on the wallpaper will draw the eye up.

This will bring attention to the height of the room, giving it the illusion of being larger than it’s in reality.

This wallpaper is going to look stellar in any contemporary or mid-century modern design.

If you’re working with a smaller budget and are redecorating your bathroom yourself, this wallpaper is perfect with its easy peel and stick technology.

Anyone interested in DIY will be able to re-paper their bathroom with almost no mess!

Another fantastic feature is that this is easily removable.

If you’re someone who’s indecisive or likes to frequently change things up, you’re in luck!

When you’re ready to change out the wallpaper, simply peel it off the walls.

There will be no residue left behind and you’ll be instantly ready to re-paper.

This is also the perfect piece of decor for anyone with a landlord that won’t let them paint or alter a room.

Just stick the wallpaper on when you move in, and take it back down when you have to leave.

You’re landlord won’t even notice anything had happened.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Light colors open up the space
  • The design mimics abstract rain.
  • Peel and stick is easy to apply
  • Mess-free, easy removal
  • Perfect for mid-century and contemporary styles.
  • It can be temporary or permanent.amazon-button

4. Floating Shelves

When it comes to decorating smaller bathrooms, you’ll want everything to look effortless.

There’s simply no room for anything to look burdensome in such a small space.

This is why floating shelves are such a fantastically simple decor solution.

This set of three mahogany floating shelves will work perfectly with any number of styles.

Mount them on white paneled walls for a rustic look, or pair them with sleek fixtures and neutral tones for a modern feel.

One of the best parts about these shelves is that they can be used in so many different ways.

You can mount them above the toilet to display decorative pieces like plants or photos.

Or you could instead mount them beside the sink and store your makeup or hair products on them.

Are you looking to take a more understated and practical approach?

You can mount a single shelf under your vanity mirror for easy access to medication, makeup, or toothpaste.

This is also perfect for people who want solutions for keeping products away from small children or cats.

Mounting this shelf anywhere out of reach will prove practical and effortless.

These shelves are super easy to install and come with mounting hardware so that you can install them easily in your bathroom.

Measuring 16.25 inches long, these shelves are small enough to not overwhelm a small bathroom.

But they’re large enough to be decorative and functional at the same time.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Clean, effortless design
  • Will suit a rustic or modern style bathroom
  • Are functionally versatile
  • Small enough to suit a small space
  • Large enough to be functionalamazon-button

5. Hookless Shower Curtain 

This is certainly our top pick for small narrow bathroom ideas.

Walking a fine line between delicate and bold, this shower curtain will instantly brighten up any space.

Lighter colors work beautifully in small spaces because they create the illusion of an airy environment.

Any natural light in your bathroom will only be enhanced by this curtain’s stark whiteness.

If you have a window for natural light in your shower, the sheer top to this curtain will let even more sunlight into your bathroom.

The sheer top of this curtain will also allow you to see through into the shower and will dispel the illusion that a curtain is just a barrier.

If you’re looking to create the illusion of your bathroom being bigger and brighter, this shower curtain is the way to go.

Not the mention the simple climbing plant design that adds the smallest touch of intrigue to the room.

One unique aspect of this shower curtain is that it’s hookless.

That’s right.

When Marie Kondo told you to declutter your life, you probably didn’t think to ditch shower curtain hooks.

Are you struggling to take your shower curtain on and off of those tiny little plastic hooks when you want to wash it?

Good news!

All you have to do to attach this curtain to the rod, is to snap it on.

This also comes with a snap on waterproof liner.

In this way, it will save you the hassle of having to buy an ugly waterproof liner to protect the stylish outer curtain.

This is truly the best of all worlds.

Pros & Benefits:
  • In between a delicate and bold design
  • Brightens up the room
  • Enhances natural light
  • No curtain hooks required
  • Attachable waterproof lineramazon-button

6. 3-Tiered Hanging Planter

It’s time to add some life to that bathroom of yours.

This hanging platter works on so many levels.


The three mini tiers hanging from the ceiling draw the eye up, elongating the appearance of the room.

So much space is often wasted above eye level, and this planter will make brilliant use of the upper half of the room.

This planter is made of shiny white ceramic, which will beautifully catch any light in the room.

The sleek material gives it a chic vibe, offering it a place in any modern bathroom.

On the other hand, the braided, white rope lends this planter a solid place in a rustic bathroom as well.

If you’re not someone with a green thumb, never fear.

Each pot of this planter is 6.5 inches long and 3.25 inches wide, which is perfect for adorable, low maintenance succulents.

The drain holes in the bottom of each planter will ensure that nothing gets moldy or musty.

But, if you really don’t have a green thumb, why not deck out this planter with colored rocks and some fake plants?

You could even take it a step further and decorate these pots with little aquarium decorations to really set the scene.

With so many options, this simple planter could be glammed out or muted down to really suit any bathroom style.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Brings attention to unused air space
  • Can be decorated and redecorated to suit any style
  • Brings green life to the bathroomamazon-button

7. Swivel Towel Rack 

“Personality” is the not the first word that comes to mind when you think of towel racks.

But it’s sure to be the first word to come to mind when you see this unique towel rack.

The bold design will intrigue your guests.

On the other hand, you’ll love how easy it’s to keep your linens out of the way while making a bold statement.

This piece is so amazing because it looks interesting and is highly efficient at the same time.

The six swivel arms not only give you the option to keep your towels and clothes out of the way, but also on hand for when you need them.

Imagine you’re taking a shower and have this mounted on the wall just outside the shower space.

When you’re done, you can reach out and have your towel hanging, ready for you.

Then once you’re all dry, you can reach out again and get dressed with the clothes you left hanging on another one of the racks.

Or perhaps you’re getting ready for a night out in your bathroom.

Just whip out the top swivel rack and hang your suit or dress on it to keep it wrinkle-free.

Having your outfit displayed in the background will give you inspiration for your look while you prep for the night ahead.

If you have children, you can hang towels on the lower swivel arms for them to easily reach.

This swivel towel rack sits perfectly at the intersection of personality and convenience.

Just stick out the adjustable arms when you need that convenience, and flatten them against the wall when you need more space.

Talk about space saving solutions!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Acts as a bathroom focal point
  • Adds a modern touch to the bathroom
  • A space saving option to keep towels out of the way
  • Has six arms to hang things on
  • The arms are at varying heights
  • Includes hardware for easy installationamazon-button

8. Mini Chandelier 

Talk about drama.

Traditionally, chandeliers have been staples of high class foyers, dining rooms, and even living rooms.

But times are changing, and there’s nothing that says you can’t add a touch of sparkle to your bathroom too!

This bold, black chandelier will add that dramatic pop your bathroom desperately needs.

Whether you’re more art deco or modern glam, this mini chandelier is sure to impress.

You can be sure that the three light bulbs will illuminate your bathroom well.

Its mini size will also ensure that your light fixture isn’t too overbearing.

While most people use lighter colors to open up small spaces, the darkness of this product works well in this situation.

Having a dark chandelier will draw the eye to the ceiling, a space that is normally invisible to begin with.

Bringing attention to the open space overhead will make the room appear larger than it actually is.

Just imagine coming home from work, getting into a relaxing bubble bath, and having the sparkle of the dangling crystals dance in the light of the chandelier.

Before you’re scared off by the prospect of installing a chandelier, have no fear!

While this light fixture does have the option to be traditionally hardwired into the ceiling, it can instead be plugged in to any outlet for ease.

Talk about an easy statement piece!

Pros & Benefits:
  • It fits well in small spaces
  • The crystals catch and reflect light.
  • It fully illuminates a small bathroom.
  • The black, acrylic style makes a glam statement.
  • The black color on the ceiling opens up the room.amazon-button

9. Slim Cabinet

This slim cabinet is the epitome of space saving solutions.

Measuring in at 5.25 ft. tall and 9.8 inches wide, this little cabinet will fit perfectly beside your toilet.

If you suffer from having a small bathroom with not enough storage space, you’ll be able to find some solace with this cabinet which can be squeezed into any sort of nook or cranny.

Coming in a beautiful stark white and espresso brown, this muted cabinet will suit any number of personal styles.

The simple white cabinet will compliment a rustic style bathroom, and the espresso will stand out in any mid-century modern room.

The private bottom cabinet on this piece is strategically placed for you to hide your garbage can, creating a less cluttered looking floor space.

If you worry about pets or toddlers getting into the potentially harmful products in the garbage, this will keep them from harm.

Take a couple of different approaches when using this storage unit.

First, you could use it more practically and store extra toilet paper and bathroom products.

From more of a decorative perspective, you can use this unit to house decorative soaps, air fresheners, candles, or any other small pieces of decor that suits your style.

Designers made this cabinet using medium density fiberboard .

It’s super easy to move.

You can opt to adapt this to fit into any room that needs more storage space.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Comes in two colors: white and espresso
  • At 9.8 inches wide, it squeezes into small spaces
  • At 5 ft. tall it provides ample storage
  • Quick storage solution
  • Utilizes awkward spaces
  • Features three display shelves
  • The closed cabinet hides your garbage can.amazon-button

10. Geometric Corner Shelf

Is your bathroom still looking just a little bit bland?

This zigzag, corner shelf may just add the perfect geometric bit of pop and motion to the room.

Branded as a tall, floating shelf, this will fit perfectly in any awkward corner space you may have.

Available in walnut, espresso, and grey/black, this shelf has the potential to compliment a number of styles.

This floating-style shelf blends with the background.

Moreover, it really gives prominence to whatever is being displayed on it.

Try decking it out with little succulents or fake plants for a green touch.

Or else you could display candles, art pieces, or pocketbooks.

Or you can take a more practical approach and store some extra toilet paper or decorative soaps here.

It’s all up to your design.

The simplicity of this shelving unit lends itself well to creative minds.

Since this shelving unit is just a hair over four feet tall, why not purchase two?

Just mount the shelves with one on top of the other for a full length wall display feature.

This will draw the eye up and make use of wasted space.

Again, this product is perfect for any DIY rejuvenation project as it only takes a few screws to easily mount to the wall.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Comes in three colors: walnut, espresso, and grey/black
  • The floating-style gives it an effortless look.
  • 5 shelves offer ample storage/display space
  • Gives life to awkward corners
  • The geometric shape brings movement to the space.amazon-button

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best small narrow bathroom ideas.

Adding personality and style to your small bathroom shouldn’t be a chore.

We hope that this curated list of trendy and timeless pieces of bathroom decor inspires you to take your bathroom to the next level.

If you’ve come across any piece of bathroom decor that’s ideal for small spaces, let us know!

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