Looking for a wall shelf for bedroom?

There’s nothing more fun than shopping for the best items to cozy up and organize your bedroom.

Bedrooms are tricky to decorate.

More so, when you don’t have much room to put lots of big furniture in or a million dollars to spend on fluffy cushions.

Don’t worry, elevate your shelfie game and give your most prized possessions their special place to perch.

From sleek and classic, to industrial and edgy, there are endless styles when it comes to wall shelves.

Whether you’re looking for something that will simply get the job done or something a little on the quirky side, there’s a wall shelf on our list for you. 

Cozy up in your new dream bedroom tonight with these 10 best wall shelf for bedroom you can find on the market.

1. FirsTime & Co. Brody Industrial Circular Shelf

Industrial Circular ShelfFor those looking for a shelf that will prove its worth throughout the years, this is the one.

This modern-statement shelf is available in super trendy metallic gray or gold and offers some serious eye candy with its distinctive cutouts.

We particularly love this FirsTime & Co. wall shelf in metallic gray.

It is sturdy enough to hold up any books, family heirlooms, awards, plants, or music record collections you may have.

You will need hanging hardware to get this in place, but we think the metallic finish makes these shelves the perfect style for any modern home. 

It features six shelves, so you can pick the perfect amount of items to display and tuck the rest someplace else.

An instant statement piece, this is a wall shelf that’s been made to be shown off.

So hey, why not get one for the living room, too?

I know you want to.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Feature design: unique round silhouette 
  • Three separate shelving levels and six compartments
  • Great value for money
  • Modern industrial flare
  • Solid build

Here’s a review for those wondering about the coloring:

“Hello there, thank you for your question! The shelf is a pretty standard metallic gold — not super shiny but also not too dark that it looks copper-ish. Hope this helps!”


2. BAMFOX Floating Shelves

Floating ShelvesThis simple, classic design is made entirely out of sustainable bamboo.

If you have a small space, the petite Bamfox shelf is your new forever best friend.

Their bamboo material means these shelves are super strong, rigid, and naturally resistant to scratches that might tarnish its finish. 

This tiny shelf shines, design-wise, no matter what natural or varnished finish it may come in.

It will be sure to maintain its “fresh-out-of-the-box” appearance for a long, long time. 

For a little bamboo display shelf, it makes things easy.

It comes with all the necessary hardware to secure it to the wall, with silver screws and brackets to boot. 

Ideal for those looking for more environmentally conscious designs, especially when it comes to interior spaces.

Its small size means it can hang nearly anywhere you need it to.

It can be easily hung on the wall as a bedside shelf to free up bedroom floor space or hung high.

If you’re after a showcase or library in the bedroom, hang the BAMBOX in multiples.

Get creative, the possibilities with this one are endless.

For all the sustainable design we love, but for a much smaller price, this is a great pick.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made from solid and sustainable bamboo
  • Suitable as a bedside shelf, nightstand, desk organizer, or showcase shelf
  • Lightweight material
  • Sturdy hardware and build
  • User-friendly petite sizing

Here are some reviews:

“Cute shelves, great for my nail polish and other makeup. My dad put them up for me very easily. It came with all of the hardware needed for installation (screws, brackets, shelves). I recommend them to others.”

“These shelves are heavy and solid. Good quality and hold things nicely. The color also matches perfectly with my decor. Shelves were easy to install and went up in a breeze. Great shelves.”


3. Kate and Laurel Lintz Modern Hexagon Floating Wall Shelf

Modern Hexagon Floating Wall ShelfManaging to be at once retro and ultra-modern, this here ladies and gentleman is a show stopper.

Gone are the days when a wall shelf would be expected to simply hang on a wall.

This one is begging you to take another look at it.

There’s not a lot that’s more outstanding than gold.

For smaller bedrooms, this mirrored wall shelf offers a two in one, minimizing wall space.

Its gilded gold finish and smooth mirror paneling add instant elegance to any sized bedroom.

For make-up lovers who prefer working magic in natural light, stick this next to a nearby window.

With its light-refracting surfaces and reflective finish, this sparkling shelf offers some serious style and a touch of brilliance.

There’s also minimal fiddling around when it comes to installation.

Lucky for you, it comes fully assembled and is easy to hang.

It has round metal holes already attached to the frame.

The hexagon design style is a trendy look we don’t see disappearing anytime soon.

For all it offers, we might add that the price doesn’t hurt too much.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Functions as a shelf and duals as a mirror (reduced wall footprint)
  • Easy to clean and has a durable finish
  • Arrives fully assembled, no need for extra fiddling
  • Reflective surfaces absorb light
  • Ideal for smaller rooms

Here are some reviews:

“This is a beautiful and modern take on wall shelves. The geometric style goes perfectly with the wallpaper design on the wall I will be hanging it on.”

“We love the shapes made by the frame for the shelves and the mirror. It’s a great accent piece that’s a little more unique.”


4. INMAN Wooden Floating U Shaped Wall Shelves

Wooden Floating U Shaped Wall ShelvesMade from 100% solid oak, choose these INMAN wall shelves in three different sizes: small, medium, or large.

Or better yet, do what we would do and get them all!

With solid wood items, you know you’re getting a product that will last for years to come.

The innovative u-shape help keep your prized possessions safely on the shelf – no falling off the sides.

Hot tip: place it under a sleek mirror and use it as a dressing shelf or small workspace.

The ease in shape and size of these shelves let you select the perfect height for reading, working, or snoozing, or whatever else it is you do in your bedroom.

With a crisp wooden finish, it is one of the most versatile looks we have found out there.

Its various small to large sizes means it can fit in wherever you need it, with neat clear lines and long-lasting materials to back it up.

The all-over timber and hidden brackets behind the units make it feel deceptively high-end for its pretty reasonable price.

It’s a thumbs up from us.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made in 100% solid oak
  • Available in three sizes (small, medium, or large)
  • Open top suitable for displaying taller objects
  • Secured items with a u-shape design
  • Reasonable price

Here are some reviews:

“Looks pretty nice and in good quality. The wood is solid. It is really easy to install.”

“It looks just like the picture and I had the best customer service experience.”


5. BugyBagy Trendy Floating White Cloud Wall Shelf

Floating White Cloud Wall ShelfFor a clean and modern nursery, child, or a big kid at heart’s bedroom, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Hop on board, this wall shelf will be sure to send you off to peaceful dreamland.

This wall shelf is equally great for creating ambient bedtime relaxation or for storing an alarm clock or soft toy animal for a slow morning lying in bed kind of day.

The BugyBagy shelf is fun, movable, and easy to install.

There are no tools required for this one.

So, get the kids involved, it’ll be fun for everyone.

Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention that its super light.

It’s made out of MDF.

Sadly, there’s no need for anyone to flex their big muscles to install this quirky piece.

If you don’t require a pair of extra hands to secure a wall shelf onto the wall, that’s sure to always score bonus points in our books.

So, say what you will, we think there’s something divinely delightful about laying your head at night amongst dreamy fluffy white clouds.

You’ll want to sink into this room night after night. 

Trust us on this one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quirky and playful design
  • Quick to install
  • Guaranteed 1 minute installation time, no tools required
  • Durable, sleek, and easy to clean surface
  • Lightweight MDF, safer for nurseries and children’s rooms
  • Value for money


6. Fox & Fern Set Of 3 Floating Shelves

Set Of 3 Floating ShelvesIf you believe in natural, high-quality materials, this is the wall shelf you have been waiting your whole life for.

This handsome design and solid build will make any wall in your bedroom burst into interior design life.

Fox & Fern’s solid American walnut and powder-coated metal frame bring together modern design and folksy charm in one complete package.

The modular system of the shelves lets you go for the configuration that best suits your space and needs requirements.

Horizontal, vertical, or combination – it all looks good.

With the complete freedom that comes from being able to create endless variations, it’s also a breeze to install.

Everything you need to secure it, from the screws to a drill sheet and installation manual is included just in case you get stuck.

Highly recommended to all lovers of industrial-inspired design, this is a great feature shelf if you have a larger room and extra surfaces to spare.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful and functional
  • Durable materials – solid American walnut
  • Simple and modern design
  • The modular system offers variation freedom
  • Easy to install

Here are some reviews:

“I thought they were a bit spendy but once I received I was completely satisfied. They are much nicer in person and very high quality. I will post pics once I have them mounted! I am very excited to put them in my new home when I close next month.”

“These shelves are great. Installation was a breeze and the materials are very high quality.”


7. Industrial Retro Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelf

Wall Mount Iron Pipe ShelfHey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but for you Do-It-Yourself lovers out there, why not do it yourself.

This industrial retro wall mount shelving system has some of the best online reviews.

One man has it in his bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, study and dining room.

It’s a definite conversational piece and perfect for those with a soft spot for that New York loft look.

This industrial-look shelving system lets you customize your shelving finish.

Let your imagination run wild.

Recycled wood, white oak, or eucalyptus – the choice is yours.

The bare-pipe design of this system looks just as cool today as it did in any odd factory.

It doesn’t hurt if you have an exposed brick wall at hand too or some handy wallpaper.

Although it might take a little more work to achieve this look than the other shelves on our list, we love the final full effect of this one.

Many online customer reviews seem to agree, too.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Features black rustic metal-finished hardware
  • Flexible and customizable shelf dimensions, perfect for taller objects
  • Sturdy frame suitable for heavyweight items
  • Personalized consumer input
  • Great investment value

Here’s a review:

“I am extremely happy with how our shelves turned out. Even though we are all spoiled with 2-day shipping, it was well worth the wait. The seller was extremely helpful in customizing our order for two longer pipes. Everything came as promised! I would do more business with these guys! Thank you!”


8. Emfogo Floating Shelf With Drawer

Floating Shelf With DrawerFor young students looking to hide their “my dog ate my homework” and for those looking for a little extra means in the storage department, voila!

We’re putting this ultra-woody Emfogo wall shelf as the next heavyweight contender to raise your shelf game.

You might just come out on top.

This handy unit features three smooth running drawers and pull-out stops, meaning its safe for children, and is wide enough to hide pens, markers, books, laptops, and other school items.

With dual storage in the drawers and shelf surface, this wall shelf will be sure to keep all bedrooms clutter-free from all the knick-knacks you have so graciously collected.

Unlike many other wall shelves, it comes with a 100% 2-year customer satisfaction guarantee.

Not too bad.

We say this is a definite contender. 

Installation is simple.

No assembly is required and it comes with all the required hardware and clear instructions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of solid wood
  • No assembly required
  • Inbuilt drawers of extra storage
  • Dual storage factors: drawers and top-shelf surface
  • 100% 2-year customer satisfaction guarantee

Here are some reviews:

“Wonderful wall shelves. The weight is lighter than I expected but it holds pretty well on the well. Little extra display in the house. Most importantly, it’s easy to install.”

“Looks very nice on my wall. Matches my headboard. The size is just right as I expected. Very nice.”


9. Ada Home Decor Wilton Wall Shelf

Wall ShelfCharismatic and colorful, this design is the perfect sunny addition to any bedroom.

Ideal for both larger and smaller spaces, we think this is especially a delectable treat for you bookworms.

Stack your books wide and high until your heart’s content or until you run out of the room.

One of your favorite accents at the moment is a pop of yellow.

Who knew mustard could look this good?

Honestly, they should come up with a new word for this level of sunny book-lover coziness.

The Ada wall shelf blends in seamlessly with any style of interior decor.

Created with durable materials like strong compressed engineered wood, it is ideal to showcase your top favorite pictures, books, and trinkets.

With guaranteed quick and easy assembly, its melamine finish makes it easy to clean and moisture and stain-resistant. 

If you want a bedroom library that won’t make you stub your toe when you’re stumbling back to bed from the bathroom in the middle of the night, go for this.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A modern pop of color: bright mustard
  • Clean design lines and geometry 
  • Multi-level shelving and U-shape to keep items secure
  • Melamine finish: moisture and stain resistant

Here’s a review:

“I have been looking for a bookcase like this for a while now and I’m glad I ordered this one. The instructions are fairly easy to understand, the product is pretty easy to assemble, and while two people could probably mount it easier, I had no issue mounting it myself with the included hardware and my level.”

“The shelf comes with sticky pads for the back mounting and with a level, it was very easy to place it and then mount. I’ve had it on the wall for about a week and it hasn’t moved. Looks great!”


10. BULYZER Floating Shelves

Floating ShelvesFor smaller bedrooms, dorms, or shared bedrooms, these funky and unfussy shelves are a great idea.

It has a high-quality paint finish and anti-rust coating so it won’t lose its new look for years to come.

The hanging basket is one-piece, so you don’t need to fiddle around with anything assembly when it arrives.

Simply hang it on the wall.

It has the friendliest touch of Scandinavian style and it’s no secret that we love a good Scandi. 

The added storage in this shelf fits easily next to doorways, corners, and smaller areas giving you enough space to keep everything you need to grab on your way out within an arm’s reach.

No more forgetting where you put your keys.

This storage shelf is made of sturdy iron, so you don’t have to worry about bending it out of space with your heavy school bag. 

If all this wasn’t enough, the maker of the BULYZER has given a lifetime warranty on their product.

In the world of furniture, this is rare to come by.

The BULYZER is here to stay.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for organization
  • Durable iron, suitable for hanging bags
  • Sleek, compact styling
  • Scandinavian interior friendly
  • Hanging baskets for extra visible storage


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to suspend 10 books magically, show off your travel treasures, or keep your house plants off your bedroom floor, wall shelves are the way to go.

Turn your bare walls into something you’re proud to show.

There’s so much to choose from.

There are sustainable wood shelves that are gentler on the environment, floating clouds, and groovy pieces for kids.

There are downright grown-up shelves to fit into the most elegant or cutting-edge of interior themes and shelves you can even do yourself.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 10 best wall shelf for bedroom.

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